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Our expertise

Cabinet Akoa Mballa & Co provides all of its local or international clients with personalized support based on international standards in terms of legal and tax advice on subjects for which it has proven expertise.

Legal and tax structuring

In its mission of legal and tax structuring, the firm Akoa Mballa & Co provides its clients with the analysis tools necessary to assess the legal and/or tax implications of the plans for establishments envisaged.

Restructuring operations

Restructuring operations are complex operations that have a considerable impact on the structure of the company, in particular capital operations, transfers of securities, contributions of securities, partial contributions of assets, demergers, mergers and acquisitions.

With its expertise, the firm Akoa Mballa & Co provides you with personalized support in the conduct and implementation of these complex operations.

Structured finance

These are complex legal and financial arrangements intended for the acquisition of an asset or a set of assets by leverage, which may result, depending on the nature of the transaction, in the creation of a dedicated vehicle which will benefit from the cash necessary to finance the planned asset.

With its expertise, the firm Akoa Mballa & Co provides you with personalized support in the conduct and implementation of these complex operations.

Legal and tax audit

The audit missions contribute to the examination of compliance with the legal, regulatory and/or tax provisions of the company over a given period in order to make the necessary corrections before control.

The expertise of Akoa Mballa & Co will allow you to anticipate and limit the inconvenience of an audit but above all to draw up a map of the main legal and/or tax risks of the company.

Corporate legal secretariat

The legal secretarial duties consist of the preparation and drafting of all the documents necessary for the holding of meetings or board of directors depending on the legal form of the company.

The support of the firm Akoa Mballa will participate in the respect of good governance and administration of companies in application of the legal provisions in force.

Tax control and litigation

The tax system being declarative, the control often prior to litigation consists of an exercise of verification of the information transmitted.

Tax litigation is defined as all disputes arising from the application of the law between the tax administration and the taxpayer.

The firm Akoa Mballa, on the basis of its expertise, will assist you throughout the control or litigation procedure to guarantee you the respect of your rights as a taxpayer and also to ensure the payment of fair tax.

International taxation

This is to determine the tax treatment applicable to international transactions. In other words, the analysis of the rules of taxation of goods and services or capital held by a resident of a State on the territory of another State.

The support of the Akoa Mballa firm will focus primarily on the elimination of double taxation due to the competition of tax sovereignties on the basis of its expertise in domestic law and the range of applicable tax treaties.

Negotiation, drafting and review of contracts

Negotiating, drafting or reviewing various business contracts are generally perilous exercises.

The support of the Akoa Mballa firm will be from the pre-contractual phase to the termination of the contractual link through the execution of the contract.

Each of the clauses is negotiated, drafted or reviewed with the aim of protecting the interests of the client according to a personalized contractual structuring.

Labour law

Compliance with the legal rules applicable to relations between employers and employees is not always without pitfalls for each of the stakeholders.

Cabinet Akoa Mballa & Co will accompany you in order to facilitate your navigation in often troubled waters of labor law, starting from the drafting of the contract to the termination of the contract through the execution of the legal or contractual obligations of each party.

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The firm Akoa Mballa & Co in addition to its consulting missions, offers training sessions generally decided according to a training catalog at the beginning of the exercise or à la carte according to the specific needs of the client.

Customs duty

Akoa Mballa & Co assists you in the interpretation of the provisions of the rules applicable to customs law and the optimization of taxes and customs duties in application of the provisions in force.

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